November 1, 2009

Project 365 - Friday October 30th, 2009 - Day 30

Of all days to take a good picture I end up forgetting my camara. Today at work we had our Halloween Potluck and I didn't get any pictures. I wasn't feeling super great so I worked from home in the morning and went in just for the potluck, but I had made stuffed shells the night before and needed to finish them off in the morning so it worked out. And they were very yummy! We also had pastry puff with mushrooms and spinach, a really good stuffing, nachos, and YUMMY CUPCAKES!! And we had a great time, but I forgot to take pictures! I was a little out of it all day! But I also managed to get another christmas present bought....We now only need to purchase 4 gifts, plus gifts for each other! But only 4 LEFT!! I am so excited and so far everything we had bought has been on a sale :-) It's so nice to be almost done!

But instead of potluck pictures I took some of our "kids"!!!

Snuggled up by the sunlight coming from the back doors.

This is a typical Roxy face! Everytime she uses you as a stretching post, she gives you this look! It's one of my favorite Roxy faces cause her ears don't do that naturally!

And here is our big guy sleeping at the back door. He just plopped down and stretched out at the back door opening :-)



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