November 10, 2009

Project 365 - Monday November 9th,2009 - Day 40

So the pictures of today are a Scrapbook layout I did and one that I had to fix!

I did this layout tonight! It's of our new ornaments and my new snowglobe from last year at christmas! The title: Every Tree Needs Accessories :-) I really love how it turned out and I only have one more christmas layout from last year and I'm done! I am really trying to get my scrapbooks updated because I fell really far behind! But now that my Scrapbook room is done I can actually concentrate on working on my scrapbook layouts!

And this is the Thanksgiving 2008 layout I did awhile back but I was really silly and I put the year as 2009 LOL! So I just had to find the paper to match and cut out the 8 and then stickle it! So I just fixed that up and now it's ready to go into the book!



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