November 10, 2009

Project 365 - November 10th, 2009 - Day 41

So today I went shopping at JoAnn's after work. I only needed adhesive and then I was going to look at some albums because I decided I need to reorganize my scrapbook albums. I hadn't planned on buying anything other than adhesive and maybe a sticker or two but then I found the clearance!!

I found these albums for $5 each. They aren't the prettiest but they will work until I can afford to buy nicer albums!

And here is the rest of the loot: I got a Bride Emergency Kit for my best friend Jenny. It was also on clearance. I got adhesive, extenders for my albums, 2 dog theme stickers, christmas stickers, christmas set of chipboards, paper, and embellishments and 2 sets of stamps!
I found these awesome stamps for only $4. I got the Christmas ones for me!

And these Fall/Autumn ones for my Mom!

Overall a very successful clearance raid even though I didn't need to spend the money. And on top of it all I left my coupon at home! I had a 10% off entire purchase, which included sale items but I left it at home :-( Still I was excited about all the deals!!



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