November 1, 2009

Project 365 - Sunday November 1st, 2009 - Day 32

Picture of the day TODAY is of my baby Belle and 2 scrapbook layouts I did.

Belle spent the whole afternoon in my scrapbook room with me. And she proceeded to try and sleep on every piece of paper and on my chair whenever I got up. I love that she hangs out with me all afternoon while I scrapbook!

Here is a picture of the first 2 pages of our Decorating the Christmas Tree layouts.
These pictures of the bare tree, Chuck putting lights on the tree and hanging the first ornaments. Also of an ornament we bought at an event we went to!!
And here is pictures of the new santa topper we bought and of the finished product!!!

Now I am working on the pages for the new ornament we got each other and the new snowglobe Chuck got me :-) After those I will just have Christmas Day to scrapbook and my Christmas scrapbook pages will be complete. I already finished the tree hunting pictures which turned out so cute considering we got our tree at Home Depot LOL!! So I will hopefully finish those up and then I can start my Christmas Advent Calendar :-) plus the christmas gift I need to make!



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