November 9, 2009

Project 365 - Wednesday November 4th, 2009 - Day 35

So wednesday I was determined to make German Pancakes for dinner! My Paps makes the BEST German Pancakes ever and I have tried once to make them and FAILED Miserably!! So this time around I called my Paps when I got home and he walked me through making them!! And they TURNED OUT GREAT!!! I was so impressed, not as good as my Paps but good enough for me!! They are just so yummy and since I don't live at home I never get them anymore!

Since they turned out so good and Chuck didn't want any, as soon as the last one came off the pan I wrapped them up, put them in my food carrier and drove down to share them with my Paps! He had a little plate of them and I gave him another quarter of them to have for breakfast! And to make it even better we had them with my Mom's homemade applesauce!! YUM!!

Here they are before being cut!!

And since I was so hungry and ready to eat them I forgot to take pictures of them that night after cutting them up and putting some yummy applesauce and sugar on them, here is a picture of the next morning. I heated them up!
And then here they are with applesauce and sugar ready to be devoured! I even made them again this past weekend on sunday for breakfast! I just LOVE them!



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