November 21, 2009

Sneak Peak....

This past week and this weekend I've been working hard in my Scrapbook/Sewing Room on Christmas Aprons for my Mom, Sister and Me. Each year we have done this since I can remember we have Baking Day before Christmas. It started with all of us (Aunts and Cousins) heading over to my Grammy's house and we would bake all day, dozens and dozens and dozens of cookies. But then with people moving it hasn't been at my Grammy's. But my Mom and Sister and I still do it! I thought it'd be neat for us to have Christmas Aprons!

I of course couldn't start any work without my assistants keeping watch!

Or sleeping :-)
This fabric is the cutest fabric I got for an apron I am making my Grammy for Christmas. This is just one piece of it and I love it! These doggies are so cute. And not sure if it's clear but the stripes are a really pretty mintish green!

Sneak Peak of my Christmas Apron (I can't show the whole thing until I give them to my Mom and Sister)

And a sneak peek of my sisters! She's a little more simple than mine, which is pretty busy! But I loved this fabric and thought she'd appreciate the classic christmas colors :-)

Hopefully tomorrow I will finish my Mom's apron and also my Grammy's Christmas present (apron). I have had so much fun doing these. I wouldn't mind doing them all the time! They are super easy and just so cute!!



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