November 9, 2009

Project 365 - Sunday November 8th, 2009 - Day 39

So Saturday I was running early when I went to meet my Sister at her house and decided to go by Petsmart. We needed baggies and the dogs hadn't gotten new toys in awhile. So I did a little shopping. I actually only spent $30 which was more than I should have but we got a lot! I got 2 toys for $2 each because they were halloween toys! And I got Buster a new football toy and Roxy a new chew toy. I also got 2 reusable bags and some tarter and breath treats!

But this is the pictures for sunday because Roxy already broke apart her chew toy and it's now in the trash! She was funny though because she chewed off parts of the rubber but then spit them out right away.

Here is the toy abandoned after Buster started playing with one of her other favorite toys! But you can't really tell how many little plastics bits there were. She didn't swallow any of them but she would chew it off and spit them right out. Needless to say it got taken away after she finally left it!

Here she is :-) Our little Roxy! She looks super sweet and cute here but she's a little terror! We love her though and she definitely gives Buster a fun friend to play with!


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