August 12, 2010

Bringing Boston to Cali!

One dessert that I love is Boston Cream Pie. And honestly I probably love it so much because I hardly ever have it. Chuck and I always end up debating about buying a Boston Cream Pie when we are in the store but it's just too much pie for just the 2 of us. So we never bring it home and I'm always left craving just a bite of Boston Cream Pie.

Well last Sunday I sat down to watch a DVR'd Cupcake Wars and started doing some searching on the internet. After making the Hostess Cupcakes I realized I wanted to give myself another challenge and try another new cupcake I did. I made myself Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes!!!!

These are super simple to make so grab your ingredients: Heavy Whipping Cream, Yellow Cake Mix, Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Pudding, Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips!
The first thing I did was make the fillng...mix together 2 cups vanilla pudding and some vanilla extract!
Make your Cupcakes and let them cool, sorry no picture of the cooled cupcakes. Then once those are cooled use the same technique as I did with the Hostess cupcakes. (take a wooden spoon and make a hole in the middle of the cupcake!) Then put as much of the vanilla pudding filling that you want inside the cupcake! Once you are done with this it's time to make the frosting!

This frosting is AMAZING and so easy. Heat up some Whipping Cream on the stove. You will want to bring to a scald :-)
Remove from heat and dump your chocolate chips in then whisk until you get a smooth texture. This really doesn't take much as the chocolate chips will melt from the cream being heated!

Now it says to dip the tops in the chocolate, but that method just does not work for me. So I took my trusty dining spoon and just spooned and smoothed the chocolate on top of the cupcakes!

Oh yum...look at this little beauty!

And all that filling...

I was in heaven! I only let myself have 1 that day and then I saved one for later but these were so good! It solved my craving and it gave me a new cupcake recipe YAY! A win-win situation!
The next thing I did was pack them and some of the hostess cupcakes up and brought them to work! Which they were gone within a few days. Chuck even brought a big platter to work! Not only did I get to enjoy cupcakes but I didn't have them lying around calling my name! Boston Cream Pie lovers you need to make this recipe! It's amazing!


Staci said...

They look so delicious! TFS! :-)


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