August 19, 2010

Next Stop Neverland?

Needless to say this past week has been a tough one for me! I've been dealing with relationship issues, car issues, work issues, and of course a dog to the vet! Almost all of those have been resolved now and everything should be wrapped up over the weekend.

But aside from that major point do you ever wish you could just take the next direct "flight" with Tinker Bell to Neverland?? Don't get me wrong I love being on my own and all the joys of being an adult. But somedays I long for when I was a tot and my parents handled all my business! When it wasn't a drive home but a few steps to wherever they might be in the house....

When I have weeks like this I can always rely on my parents and my sister to make things better, maybe not solve my problems but at least lift my spirits...this week was no exception. Between them and my two girlfriends JBug (no not her real name, just her nickname) and Alycia I've been able to continue to tread water! I WILL SURVIVE!!!

But on weeks like these I like to pull out a secret box that is hidden in our house...a box full of home made cards and notes that I kept from when I was younger! Notes my Mom put in my lunch box, homemade cards from my uncrafty Sister! I thought I'd share these awesome memento's with all of you!

These are a random collection of cards that range from birthday to valentine's day to just because!

Proof that my Uncrafty Sister is indeed crafty in her own way :)

A more close up of some cards my Mom made in the past! My Favorite is the bunny one because both my Mom and my Grammy used to have (could possibly still have somewhere) stuffed bunnies that look like the stamps she used!

And my all time favorites...these were little notes my Mom would put in my lunch box or in little places where I'd be sure to find them! I used to love getting these notes!! And I always felt cooler than my friends because their Mom's didn't make them cute notes like these!

I am actually really happy to have taken pictures of these because if for any reason something happens I want to make sure I have some tangible way of always having these! In fact I even moved the box they are in so it sits next to our Emergency Kit....I just want to make sure I take them in case of a fire, flood, or any other disaster that life might bring!

Does anyone have any go to's for when they are having a horrible week?



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