August 4, 2010

Sick of Being Single?

Another book down and another disappointment! Last night I finished another book, yes it was a quick read. I read "Jennifer Johnson if Sick of Being Single" by Heather McElhatton and needless to say I was so disappointed in the end!
I stayed up late last night to finish it because I thought I knew for sure how it would end and I was just dying to get to my happy ending! But boy was I let down. This book really wasn't great in any way. It was okay throughout the entire thing. The only thing that saved it was that its short! If you want a slap in the face of reality than feel free to indulge yourself in this book. If you prefer happy endings or cutesy unrealistic fairy tales stay far far away!!
I think I've been doing too much reading, or maybe it's because the last two books I've read have left me feeling blah at the end. The next book I'll be reading is for our Book Club, it's The Thief Taker by Janet Gleeson and I'm hoping it rocks my socks off because I can't take another crappy book. Tonight I'll take a break and scrapbook and then start reading when I hit the sack. Fingers crossed its better.
And I know I've been too busy reading because my blog consists of nothing but books right now haha. I think this weekend I need to try a new recipe or work on home improvements! What's sad is there isn't any new recipes I've been wanting to try, nothing I've been craving, and I've enjoyed the small break from working on stuff for the house....but I definitely need to change something up since these books are letting me down!
Happy Hump Day Everyone!


Anonymous said...

bummer. This was on my wishlist to read. I'll take it off now. I stopped reading one book at page 15. No more! Now I need to decide which one to read next. *sigh*

Bella said...

It's so funny you had that on your list because when I first started reading it I actually thought of you lol, I was going to reference you in the blog telling you to read it but then it turned sour at the end.
I thought you'd love the main character but she is really disappointing near the end....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for thinking of me. lol I need feel good endings right now unless reading a mystery/cop novel. I think I might read some Jane Green. I loved her books years ago. Hope I still do.

Tracy said...

Don't you hate reading a book that sucks. I still want to finish reading it though, I don't know why.
Love your ToDo list, buy a cottage and enjoy it, Love that.


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