August 20, 2010

I Think I Have a Color Obsession!

The past few weeks I've been busting my booty working solely on my best friend JBug's pre wedding album! I wanted to scrapbook her two bridal showers, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner and send it on up to her by September. So I've been working diligently when I have time on her album, which is turning out beautiful and I'm not sure I really want to send it LOL. But because of this I've got quite a mess of a scrapbook room on my hands!

My table has looked like this for the past few weeks! It's been driving me bonkers! Well last weekend I decided to sit down and create something new: a picture frame for My Sister and her Boyfriend for their new home...needless to say it was a bit challenging beause I have everything bridal shower spread out all over my crafting area!

I was successful despite the mess and here is the lovely frame I made for them! I had to go pick up the picture I had developed but I was pretty proud of how it turned out. It was another item I really didn't want to give away LOL. I would have even kept the picture of them in it and put it up in my house. I think it has to do with my color obsession...yup pink and green! I just love the colors together and I had those awesome flowers lying around....

Well last night I sat down to create a card for my cousin Jodi. I had bought a few items for her at JoAnn's and didn't want to send them without a card! And what did I grab? Yup you got it...the same color scheme and flowers that I did the frame with. I only had two of the flowers left and the rest was easy to grab since I still had it out from the weekend before! Plus I really wanted to do something simple and easy so I could get back to scrapping my friends album, which I did 2 layouts last night for it as well as this card!

Now I'm not much of a card maker but I thought this was pretty cute! I guess I should just practice more at making cards because they are fun and unlike some of my layouts that I do these only take around 30 minutes or less!!

Anyone else like to make cards? And for anyone who loves checking out cards other people have made you should check out my Mom's blog: Crafts & Critters... she makes some really adorable cards!


Hi I am Christy said...

That came out really cute! Jodi will love it.

Tracy said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I am finally getting around to checking out my blogging friends.

I can see why this is a colour obsession, it is perfect. Love all your projects.


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