August 7, 2010

Chocolate & Cinnamon Goodness!

Yesterday at work we were discussing the next Birthday coming up and since I am usually in charge of Birthday Desserts I realized that the next cake that was wanted was a Tres Leches cake! I've never made one so I began searching for a recipe to practice this weekend!

During my search for a recipe I came across a few more recipes I wanted to try this weekend! This particular recipe Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Roll Wreath was one I came across on the AMAZING The Open Pantry! I literally fell in love with this blog and knew I had to make at least one of her recipes this weekend...

I got off work at 4 yesterday, stopped by our Safeway and picked up $65 worth of baking ingredients! Yeah I was pretty SHOCKED! But I wanted to make like 4 or 5 new baked good recipes this weekend and I had to stock up on some ingredients we don't always keep lying around!

After pouring myself a glass of Robert Mondavi's Meritage (which by the way I have now found a new wine I love) and put on some music I got myself knee deep in dough!

I gathered up my necessary ingredients for the first step: Flour, Sugar, Milk, Butter, Yeast, Salt, and Eggs (not pictured).

Take some warm water and some yeast and let the yeast dissolve.

While the Yeast is dissolving put some milk, sugar, and salt in a pot on the stove. Scald these ingredients, which I found out means to let it get to the point where just the outer rim is boiling then remove from the heat. Do not let it get to a full boil!

After the milk and sugar mixture has cooled add in eggs, butter, and yeast mixture. Then add cups of flour until it becomes a soft dough...

Then cover and set aside until it has doubled in size!

Once the dough has doubled in size roll it out into a rectangle shape about 1/3 an inch thick.
The next items you need can vary. Essentially whatever you want to fill it with you can but I chose: Chocolate Chips, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon and some butter for spreading!

Melt your butter slightly then spread over the dough. Then sprinkle with all your ingredients. (Note: Do not be stingy.....I should have added more filling ingredients!)

Roll it up like a log!

Then place on a large cookie sheet or pizza pan. I had neither and I realized I NEED a pizza pan! Wrap it around and connect the ends, so it's like a big circle. Then take a sharp knife and slice about halfway into parts of so you can fan it out.

Pop it in the oven and just wait for your home to fill up with the amazing smell! Whip together some frosting and pour over. My frosting turned out pretty crappy but this didn't even need frosting!

YUM!!! As you can see it needed more filling, but this piece of heaven was AMAZING!

Check out that AMAZING chocolate melted goodness!!

This was AMAZING! Its pretty rich so you don't need a big piece but have a glass of milk or coffee handy! I of course tasted a small piece last night but this morning I woke up, preheated the oven, started a pot of coffee and waited....This was even better in the morning. It's not an every weekend breakfast item but for special occasions this will be my go to recipe. Of course I need to practice it a little more and get the filling ingredient amounts right and of course work on my frosting recipe. But this is a must try.....Make sure to check out The Open Pantry Blog for some yummy recipes!


Yankee said...

can you just move in and cook me food all the time?!


Bella said...

HAHA :-) Of course I can but expect to gain like 40 lbs haha!

Seriously I finally figured out why I gained weight when I moved out....freedom to cook and bake any time I want to LOL


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