August 5, 2010

Cricut Center

Awhile back my Mom handed down her Cricut to me, as she bought the bigger one! Needless to say it took me a little while but I am officially hooked! :-) Along with the Cricut she also spoiled me and bought me a few cartridges! My Seester had also bought me a cartridge for my birthday...without having to spend any of my own money the addiction began!

After having to pull this baby out twice from its storage spot I decided then and there I needed a spot set up where it could sit out 24/7 and since I am so lucky to have my very own scrapbook room it really wasn't a problem.

I whipped out my old countertop and just placed it on top of my rolling cart and voila...within 2 minutes I had my Cricut Center set up and ready to go!!

This has been so amazing! I've used it more than I can count and I L-O-V-E it! I've begun a wish list of Cartridges I want to buy and to be honest I'm even considering buying the bigger one!
I am so happy with my new Cricut Center!!


Shere said...

Love your space, TFS.

Pieces of Home Designs said...

Oooo!! Very nice use of space! You will love this machine and will soon be wanting the expression I'm sure! Wait until Black Friday - good deals then ;o)


...Tara... said...

Our cricuts need their own little space, mine has one too ;) If you love your cricut you would love Make the cut program. I got it and love it!! So something to look into. Def saves ya money from buying carts :)

Tracy said...

I just got the big one for mother's day, I only used it once, to make sure it worked. I have had the smaller one since it first came out. I so need to use it more.

Love your area for your cricut. I also like how you personalized it.

Julie Kelley said...

Congrats!! Looks like it was made to go there :) And it sounds like you're getting great use of it!!


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