August 18, 2010

The Clue Book

This month our book club is reading The Thief Taker by Janet Gleeson! I finished it early so another member could borrow my book and remember how I mentioned my last few books were duds and I was SUPER excited to start this one. Well my excitement was short lived!

I was pretty disappointed in this book, as I felt it lacked excitement and to be honest I just don't like the Era. This book takes place back in the Olden Days, you know the days where they had Horse Buggies, Petticoats, and tons of servants! Not my cup of tea but not a reason to not read. I gave it a shot because it seemed like it might be fun to try and figure out who was doing what...nope there wasn't much hope to figuring out who was doing what and even when it was revealed my reaction was less than I hoped...I was just "unmoved" by the big reveal! Being that its a short book I'd actually recommend the author beef it up a bit. Add some more dangerous situations, add a few more murders. I wish it had been a great read but unfortunately I was bored and felt nothing when it was over.
Im serious if the next book I read isn't a winner I may just have to give up reading and take up another hobby HAHA! Overall grade = definitely was average!


Yankee said...

I'm reading Primal Fear right now. I got intrigued because of the movie with Richard Gere. So far it's pretty interesting. It's a murder, court, whodunnit type of a book. You might like it.

.. I would also recommend: Twilight Saga [haha you knew i would!], Company, and any book by Iris Johansen!

Hopefully your next book isn't a downer!


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