August 9, 2009

Blueberry Scones and Chocolate Banana Bread

So today I made some Blueberry Scones and some Chocolate Banana Bread. The Blueberry scones turned out pretty good. Nothing compared to Starbucks Scones but oh well :-) And I also made a new recipe for Chocolate Banana Bread. It tasted just like regular banana bread haha, but it was still yummy :-)

Here are the Blueberry Scone Ingredients:

And the blueberries mixed in - YUMMY!

And the scones fresh out of the oven!

Doesn't it look gross!! The mix for the Banana Bread

Despite what the batter looks like it was SO YUMMY!

It was another successful day of Baking :-)


Megan said...

Looks yummy!

Turtle Taylor said...

Those scones look delicious!

Bella said...

Thanks :-) The Banana Bread was a hit at work, but I've kept all the scones to myself at home!!


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