August 7, 2009

Hello Bloggers :-)

So this week has been a long week at work and full of stresses! But I thought I'd share a cute picture of my little baby girl cuddling with her dad on the couch!

She curled right up into his lap and snuggled up for a nap :-) She's such a cuddler! Lately both the dogs have been extra cuddly but this was such a good opportunity to take a picture! And you better believe I'll be scrapbooking it :-)

And then this past Monday night I had my Seester and My cousin come over for dinner. My Seester loves Pesto and Asparagus so I had an idea! I took the Bow Tie Pasta with Ham and Asparagus recipe and changed it. It was so much BETTER!!

I just made the bow tie pasta (well I boiled the noodles)
Then we cooked off some slices of chicken.
Made some Pesto sauce from a packet!
Chopped up and cooked the asparagus, tossed it all together and TA DA!

It was so yummy and it was eaten up quickly :-) We had some biscuits and salad and then Banana Snack cake for dessert! It was so nice to have my Seester over for dinner and it was fun hanging with my little cousin!

So this weekend we are attending a BBQ tomorrow, then Sunday we are baking some blueberry scones :-) and a bundt cake for dessert for dinner Monday night at my Seesters. The scones will be for us and my work! I love scones and the best blueberry scone I have ever had actually is the Starbucks one. Sometimes they aren't as good but I found the MECCA of great scones at our Local Safeway Starbucks :-)

And then we are trying out a new recipe sunday night for dinner as our new tradition. Not sure what it is this week! But as always I'm excited!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Hopefully I'll have my blog updated Sunday night with our new dinner recipe!



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