August 30, 2009


So the other day we had a whole day of really weird weather, at least weird for here. It was overcast, muggy and just plain HOT! And there was absolutely no breeze all day, which is really weird for here. So all day we suffered through HOT weather and it did not cool down all night. Even when it was 11pm at night there was no wind and a ton of clouds. I tried to take the best picture I could of it because it was so pretty. This picture really doesn't do it justice but I thought it was so pretty out and the clouds were completely still. It was really eery going outside at 11 PM, to HOT weather, no wind or breeze and it was extremely quiet in our neighborhood! Let me just say I am so happy the hot weather has left us :-)


AlohaAroha said...

What an amazing shot! So atmospheric!


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