August 2, 2009

Saturday Sewing

So on Thursday I stopped by our JoAnn's in Rohnert Park and picked up some super cute fabric :-) And the bonus it was on clearance :-)

I picked out this cute cat fabric out of the remnants bin...I think I might use it for a little cat bed for Belle cause she loves to sleep next to me on the bed or right on the floor.

I picked out this awesome fabric for $3/yard!! I love the pattern! I am going to use it to make my grocery tote bags! It is just so awesome! I might even make a monitor cover for the computer monitor!

So my Mom has been teaching me how to make an apron from a pattern, cause I am learning to sew. I haven't posted any pictures yet, so here is the apron so far! I have now learned to make a pocket, sew on rick rack and I can also sew on bias tape :-) I have now completed it to this point. On Friday I am headed back down to my Mom's to finish it up! And I am making my Grammy one for her birthday! She has no idea that I'm learning to sew so I want to suprise, since she's a sewer! It's turning out so cute and it's at the same stage as mine!

I was so happy to get my apron done this far. Now for this week I am making some potholders to match my Grammy's apron, hemming my Paps t-shirts into tank tops, and hopefully starting my grocery totes!
I didn't get to scrapbook like I wanted to but I have next weekend!! It has been so nice not leaving the house at all this weekend!
So next weekend I plan on sewing with my Mom on friday (I have the day off work YAY!), then scrapbooking or sewing on saturday until we go to my friend Ben's BBQ, and then Sunday hopefully scrapping or sewing all day!
Oh and today I also got my sewing desk top painted green again. Hopefully it will work this time since I sanded it down and primed it. I am anxious to get my scrapbook room completed! Although I did pick up some new decorations that I need to make for it!!
Well I will wrap this up, posting tonight's dinner right after this! It was YUMMY!



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