August 26, 2009

Late Update!!

Hello Bloggers

So I know I was MIA this past weekend and we were horrible...we did not do a new recipe this past sunday! We both just wanted to snack, so I had cereal and he had a sandwich :-)

But Saturday he went to the 49ers and Raiders pre season game so I had the whole day to myself! I decided to do a little sewing all afternoon :-) I sewed up some t-shirts my Paps asked me to alter for him. Just taking the sleeves off and making them tanks. And then I decided to make my Parent's dogs Maggie and Wyatt some cute little bandana's to wear. I made Maggie a really pretty purple flower one and then Wyatt got a Raider's one cause my Paps is a HUGE Raiders fan! He was also at the game with my Seester so once I finished up the bandana's I took them down to my Parents. My Mom and I put the bandana's on and then we hung out for a bit!!

Here is Wyatt

And here is Maggie
I had a really great weekend. Friday night I hung out all night with Chuck's sister, we just relaxed and watched some movies. Saturday as stated above I got to sew and relax. And sunday we just hung out, did homework and enjoyed a overall relaxing weekend!
Last night we went on Date Night :-) We went and had Pizza at a family owned local place. It was so yummy! And then we went to the movies. At one of our theaters they do a tuesday night special, $4.50 tickets! And they play movies that aren't played at the main theaters anymore so we went and saw Transformers 2. I love the first one but I'm not usuallly a fan of sequels. The 2nd one would have been better had it not been 2 1/2 hours long. I liked it though. Chuck really liked it which is all that matter since I planned this suprise date night for him :-)
And then today has been one hell of a day. I had just gotten back to a normal work week and feeling better, then bam I come home on lunch today and my neighbor comes over asking if I could help her jump her car since mine was parked next to hers. So i agreed and we had to get our other neighbors help cause we weren't positive on how to do it. I guess our other neighbor wasn't sure exactly how to do it using my car cause he ended up blowing out my power steering fuse. I was so annoyed. So I called my Mom and she came to the rescue. We were able to get it towed to the dealership for free and now I'm just waiting. But it sucks cause I'm missing my class tonight :-(
Just wanted to do a quick update since it's been over a week since I blogged! Hope everyone is having a GREAT week!!


cajunsis said...

I LOVE the doggy pictures - they look just like my springers did. Our springers died at 15 and 17 years old - I loved them. Wonderful memories looking at your parents dogs :-)


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