June 3, 2010

Books, Books, BOOKS!!

After my birthday Chuck and I started our Vacation!! And what have I done on our vacation so far? I've read three books!! Yes three books in 3 days!! I was so excited! Granted we were camping and not doing anything else but it was amazing to sit out on a swing on a porch with the dogs outside and my honey working on his sudoku, and reading a book, or two or three :)

The first one I read was "Baby Proof" by Emily Giffin!! And I've given this girl many chances now, three to be exact and I have to say that I'm not overly impressed by her, but I have now liked 2 out of the 3!! I'm not sure why I liked Baby Proof so much but I found it to be realistic (to a certain extent) and I really did like the main character overall. She knows what she wants but she learns a lot about her. I would recommend it but only if you have ever had that doubt of wanting children of your own. Those born with the dream to always become a mother, stay away, you'll hate her! My grade for this one Miss Emily Giffen....a B+!

The next book I read was not on my book list...I know shame on me! But after watching the movie I had to read the book! I read "The Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold. My advice watch the movie then read the book. I liked the movie but had I read the book first I would have HATED the movie!! This book is amazing, a little out there, but if you don't have super strong beliefs about what happens when you die, please read. Its sad and if you are a parent with a child be prepared. I give this book an A++!! Thanks Alice!


I'll have to get you my review on my third book..."Summer in the City" by Robyn Sisman....I'm on tuckered out blogger!!


Anonymous said...

Will have to check out Baby Proof because the character sounds like me. I've never been able to get in to any of her books though.

Tracy said...

A couple books to add to my reading list. I always like to read the book before I watch the movie. I like to have my own characters in my mind not actors. And yes I usually like the book more than the movie,


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