June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Last Friday (May 28th) was my 24th Birthday!! And boy was it a GREAT birthday!! My birthday celebrations started early with a BBQ at my parents house on Sunday the 23rd, then birthday cake at my Tuesday Office, and then another birthday celebration at my Wednesday Office!! And then came the BIG day!!

My coworkers got me cards and also on of them brought me flowers!! So sweet!!!
On the day of my real birthday Chuck and I had BIG Plans!! We spent the entire day in SAN FRANCISCO!!! I love that place!! This time around though we went the tourist route!!

We started our morning off bright and early by taking the Ferry from Larkspur into the city!! Bright and Early...Look at those smiles!!
And of course the first stop on our trek from the Ferry Building to Pier 39 was to get some COFFEE and some breakfast!! We stopped at the Alcatraz Landing cafe and got ourselves some Krispy Kreme donuts and two Mocha Java-Lanches!! They were so YUMMY!!

After we finally made it to the Piers we hopped aboard our first stop...a Double Decker Bus Tour!! We bought these amazing Wharf Passes with so many activities to pick from and I couldn't wait to do the Downtown Loop Tour of SF!!

First of all our Tour Guide and Bus Driver were AMAZING! We couldn't have asked for a better guide, her personality was so awesome and she was Hilarious!!

One of the first places we passed by was the Fog City Diner and it's infamous clock - "Don't Worry"
And here is a view of Coit Tower!!

And here is the Tallest Building in San Francisco, 7th in the World...drum roll please...the TransAmerica Building !!!!!

And here is just a shot of a really TALL, really COOL building in SF!! I loved it!

A picture of the Bay Bridge!

And a shot of the Hearst Building...I wish I could have gotten a better picture but we whizzed right by!!

If you look closely you will see the glass elevator on the outside of the building!! So cool wish I could have ridden it, this was down in Union Square!

Here is the Bank that Patty Hearst robbed!! The Hibernia Bank!

And the GORGEOUS SF City Hall!! It really is AMAZING!

Nope that's not a ledge you see on that building, those are window washers!! We saw them descend a few stories, it was so neat I would love to be up there, but not for too long and I really wouldn't want to wash windows LOL

And here is the entrance into China Town!!

And I just loved this picture!! It was such a beautiful day in the city!!
And this bookstore, City Lights, is open until midnight and is owned by Lawrence Ferlinghetti!!

Apparently this was the place to be!! Mama's was PACKED that morning and the line, as you can see, is out the door. I'm thinking we must try it some day!!

And this is the beautiful church that Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio took pictures after their wedding...not married there but they took their pictures there! And who wouldn't want to, it's gorgeous!! I can't remember the name of the church right now...

After our bus tour we headed straight over to the Red and White Fleet Cruises for a really really cold boat ride!!

The only reason I wanted to take this tour was because I wanted to go underneath the Golden Gate Bridge!! And aside from the cold and the wind it was so amazing!! Chuck took this great picture of me on the boat!!

And here we are going underneath! They were guys working underneath the bridge that yelled and waved at us! It was really bizarre to see them underneath there and then of course the people up walking the bridge!

Here is where the guys were yelling down at us. I tried to get a picture but you can't seem them!

Isn't it just gorgeous! I just love the Golden Gate Bridge! And we lucked out with really blue skies, considering it rained earlier that week.

After our busy morning we hustled it to the Hard Rock Cafe on Pier 39 for lunch!! I was actually disappointed. I loved the Hard Rock's I've been to before but this one was very dull :( But our burgers were pretty good and the service was really quick!

After lunch we went to the Aquarium of the Bay!! I was so EXCITED to do this because I've always wanted to ever since we started going down to the pier! It was so neat, they have underwater tunnels and they had a couple of fish called Striped Bass that get up to 7 feet long!! Crazy!! It was so neat, we saw some sharks, some beautiful fish, some huge fish, and an octopus :)
We technically could have gone to the Wax museum but we decided we didn't want to walk all the way down there again since we had a LONG walk back to the Ferry Building. So our Inner Children came out to join us and we decided to go on the 4D Dino Ride and it was a BLAST!! It was so cheesy but so much fun!!

After we stopped at Le Beastro and the Ghiradelli Chocolate store we of course had to check out the seals. They really never get old, no matter how many times I've seen them!! It was so good to see so many there since this past year they had gone MIA for awhile. And even still it didn't seem like it was the normal amount!

After that we made our 30 minute hike back to the ferry building, we got a coffee and relaxed before getting on the Ferry to head home! And boy was I ready to get home, we were both tired and I had thought we were going out to the bars and a late dinner with friends, so I thought I'd get in a quick cat nap!!
But Chuck had other plans!! First we had to go by Safeway to pick up some energy drinks, a brownie mix (for camping) and spinach dip to go with the bread we bought at Boudin! Needless to say I was gettin slightly irritated inside. I was so EXHAUSTED and just wanted to get 20 minutes of sleep in before people starting coming over and we still had to pick up the dogs!!
Finally we pull into the parking lot and as I walk in the door I was slightly put off by a random purse sitting on our stairs and then out popped friends and family!! Chuck had arranged a SUPRISE party for me and man had he pulled it off. I had no idea and was even embarrassed that here I was my hair a mess, face wind chapped, with just jeans and a sweatshirt on....but I was so happy!! He wanted to make sure I had an AMAZING birthday this year because last years was horrible and I ended up skipping it. And I did have an AMAZING birthday! I got to spend the entire day in a city I love with the man I love and then I got to spend an amazing night with great people celebrating!! I guess turning 24 wasn't so bad!!



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