June 28, 2010

I Love Sunday Night Dinners

Usually we cook great dinners throughout the week but it seems that Sundays are the BEST dinners of the week! And this past sunday was no exception.

I hardly ever buy bacon when I go to the store. I like it but I don't love it and I can live without it. Well Chuck LOVES bacon, his whole family is hooked on it! But since I usually do the shopping I never remember to pick some up. Well I guess I was a good girlfriend this week because not only did I buy bacon and make him breakfast saturday before he left for work. I also used the leftover bacon in our sunday night dinner!

I decided to try bacon wrapped asparagus. You just simply wrap up some asparagus and then we popped it onto the grill with....

Our yummy Hawaiian seasoned Chicken!!
Okay so the only portion that threw our meal off was the Kraft Mac N Cheese...yes that is Kraft Mac N Cheese! LOL Chuck really wanted a starch and decided that Mac N Cheese sounded good. It didn't quite mesh well with the rest of the meal but it was pretty yummy...

And because I thought his Sister was coming for dinner I made the Hungry Girl Cream Puffs for her...
She didn't show which was a bummer for her because Chuck and I enjoyed these little desserts all to ourselves...It was so HOT yesterday and these cream puffs came fresh out the fridge and were a perfect light and refreshing dessert.

We had a great sunday afternoon and evening together. And despite the heat I did get quite a bit done this weekend! I hope everyone had a great weekend!



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