June 22, 2010

Step 1 of Master Room Complete!!

Boy has it been a busy couple of weeks for me! I just got back from my best friends wedding up in Washington and decided I needed to catch up on my blog!!

While we were on vacation Chuck decided to install new flooring in our Master Room! YAY!! I was so excited when we were able to pick up our flooring, btw took us FOUR HOURS to get there and back because of traffic...sometimes I hate living in Cali just because of traffic!

The flooring we bought matches the downstairs flooring :-) and all three bedrooms upstairs will be getting the new floor!!

Go to Lumber Liquidators for all your flooring needs....seriously the prices are unbeatable and the service has always been great for us!

First we had to rip out all the old NASTY carpet! I couldn't wait to get this ripped out....

Next we ripped out the padding....

Ahhhh so much better! Although see that big ol spot down at the bottom left corner...that would be from where Roxy peed on the carpet and it soaked through...Can't even believe I'm admitting it but we totally let her ruin out carpet cause we knew we were ripping it out....

After a quick run to KMart for a small fan to blow on the damp area Chuck started laying the underlayment and flooring....yes I said Chuck....I was just getting in the way so while he handled business upstairs I handled the business downstairs, I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, picked up the living room, and watched some recorded shows :-)

He did such a good job considering last time we put in this flooring was over a year ago and we had my Paps who is an amazing handy man and guided us through it!
Almost done.....
Doesn't it look so AWESOME!! Chuck did such a great job and I was so happy to walk in and not smell nasty carpet or even have to touch our carpet!!
A shot of the baseboards...oh yes everything matches to what we did downstairs...We wanted it all to match because the tile downstairs matches the tile upstairs as well.

We had to buy new thresholds and I am so happy we went with a wood one instead of a metal one. It's not very noticable when you look at the floor which is nice. I wanted it to blend.

Now we had to sleep downstairs for one night because Chuck didn't do the baseboards until the next morning....but it was worth it.....We took the rug from downstairs and moved it upstairs to provide a little warmth for our feet in the morning....and then moved all the furniture back in..............

It looks so awesome and now I can't wait to get our room painted and redecorated...I think we've finally picked a theme LOL now it's just waiting until we can have a crew come in and paint. I don't trust myself to not get it on the floor AND I don't feel like climbing up and down a a ladder in order to do the walls....we have vaulted ceilings in our master!

Not only did Chuck get our Master Room done but he also did his Mancave. Once we get it rearranged then I'll be posting those pictures because that made the Mancave seem so much more open! I am loving our new floors. Next up to get the new floor treatment is my scrapbook room! I can't wait for that day :-)


Anonymous said...

Look amazing! I am not a fan or carpet. I love the wood floor look.


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