June 27, 2010

Just a Little Updating!!

After I got done with everything with the wedding for my Bestie, I developed an itch to do a little updating to our place....I didn't want to do anything drastic so I just decided to put a little extra in the dining room!


I went to Target to pick up a few items and saw this nice neutral color tablecloth and knew it would work perfect with our coloring! It was such a great deal!!

Now while I originally thought I was just wanted to do a little uplifting but that was not the case my friends. We have now found our screen door that we want, the top part of the mantel, and a NEW DINING ROOM TABLE!!
I was cruising around on the Craigslist because my girlfriend Alycia and I started talking about redecorating her place and I was looking for futons, couches with pullouts, decorative tables, etc etc...and then I stumbled across a really beautiful table and chairs that may need a little TLC and a quick seat pad fabric change but they would be perfect. Seats 6 people and is in a dark color!! I emailed them with fingers crossed that they'd be willing to deliver and while I sat here just waiting for the new mail at the top of toolbar.....
THEY CAN DELIVER!! WOO HOO...For a small extra fee we are getting the table and chairs delivered!! The total cost for this baby is such a steal! $85!!! Which includes delivery!! They even sent us more pictures of the table and the top of the table! It's going to be a great steal! As soon as they deliver it this week I will of course post pictures!
Anyone looking for a kitchen table and chairs?? We should have our old one up on Craigslist by Wednesday :-)



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