June 7, 2010

Evolution of a Birthday Cake

My Sister's birthday is one week after mine (we are a year a part) and this year I wanted to make her a special cake! I started preparing for this cake a couple weeks in advance by looking up pictures and making a list of what I would need to make it!

On Friday June 4th I begin my preparations! First I made the cake (from a box mix of course LOL) which was a Yellow Butter recipe that I made for the bridal shower that my Sister loved!!

I had to use two boxes to make each part of the cake!

And we made a trip to Nancy's Fancys to get supplies: Food Coloring, Dark Chocolate Fondant, Buttercream frosting, sprinkes (that we didn't use) and some cupcake wrappers for the back up cupcakes I made (just in case the cake didn't turn out)!!

Our house smelled so good once these got baking! I can't wait for next year around Easter so I can make a nice size Easter Egg Cake with those oval pans!

Let the molding began! The hardest part of making this cake was that it was so hot and humid that the fondant wasn't behaving that well. But I had no other choice because I really wanted to make it! Doesn't it look like a big gigantic piece of Tootsie Roll?

I started by making the C's for the cake...I only made four before I had to stop and put the fondant in the fridge!! Are you wondering what the C's are for yet??

While the fondant was cooling off in the fridge I began shaping the cake. I leveled out the tops of each layer and then started to frost!

First I frosted the two oval pieces and stacked them!

Yum look at that frosting! It was SO GOOD!! I love buttercream frosting, is there any better frosting?? I think not!

After I got the two ovals frosted, I went ahead and frosted the base of the cake and covered it in the fondant! And then I added a little frilly "ribbon" to the bottom of the ovals!

Now it was time to add the few C's I got done on friday! And into the fridge it went to cool off overnight!

And saturday I finished it off!! While it may look more like a hat (lesson learned LOL) it is actually a Coach Purse cake! My Sister LOVES Coach and I thought it'd be really cool to create a purse cake for her! Keep in mind this cake was made from my own imagination and it was the first time I had ever made something like this....not bad for the first time! I did check out other Purse Cakes online but overall the idea in my head was better than what I found....only problem I ran into was the strap. I wanted it to stand up straight but it wouldn't!!

And here is a view of it from the back :-)

My Sister loved it and I am pretty proud of it. I think I could have done better (Aren't we all our biggest critics LOL) but all that really mattered was that My Sister liked it!! And I know Chuck was happy that it was over because I kept asking him "Are you sure it looks okay?" "Do you think she will like it?" "Does it look like a hat or a purse?" "What if she hates it?" "What if she doesn't know what it is?" LOL In the end my worrying was over nothing because it was a huge success!! And I am actually really anxious to make another cake...perhaps for Chuck's birthday party (yes about 6 months late LOL) coming up :-)



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