October 11, 2009

Downtown Hometown!

So Friday as our Date Day we went to downtown of where I grew up. Only 20-30 minutes from where we live now, so easy drive, but I hadn't been there in awhile so we decided to go check it out!

This is the view from the parking garage!

Waiting for some yummy food. We ate at a small little grill in downtown across from a park!

Chuck got a bbq burger and I got the french burger :) YUM!!!!! I love their french burgers! And we got a huge order of yummy french fries!

And we visited a little christmas shop!! I was so happy it was open and it had so many beautiful ornaments!! I love love love christmas!!! I was so excited!
And what did we walk out with?? South Park Ornaments!!!!! LOL. Not one pretty little glittery ornament, but South Park!!!

We had so much fun!! We only went to the grill, and a few other stores, but then we headed home to let the puppies out and I got some scrapbooking done :)



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