October 15, 2009

Project 365 - Thursday October 15th, 2009 - Day 15

There are two pictures for today! I was summoned to Jury Duty yesterday and it was quite a rushed event. I forgot to call tuesday at 5 pm to find out if I needed to go in. I just completely forgot about having jury duty! So Wednesday I got home around 12:00, took the dogs out to go potty, put water on to boil for some noodles and looked up and BAM...my jury duty summons was sitting right there on our calendar. I freaked out! I called and had to be at the court house by 12:30!!!! Thank god we live only 10 minutes from the court house!! It was such a long afternoon and we had to come back today at 9:30!! But I was so lucky and I got dismissed! The attorney for the plaintiff dismissed me! I was the last person to be dismissed and I was so HAPPY. I wanted to run up and give the attorney a huge SMOOCH!! I was stressing out really badly over missing work and I would have ended up working at night, on weekends and on top of that I would have had to work on school midterms and homework!! But I can now sleep well tonight and not worry!

My second picture is of ME!! I decided to go and cut my bangs again today!! I went right after I was dismissed from Jury Duty and I'm so happy! I'm not sure why I grew them out! This picture isn't the best, I had just gotten out of the shower,(it was so muggy here and I cleaned the house and got all gross) so I'm wearing no make up and half my hair is wet and up! But I had to document my new bangs!!!! I love them!



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