October 19, 2009

Project 365 - Saturday October 17th, 2009 - Day 17

So Saturday I needed some "ME" time and so did Chuck. I got up early Saturday and finally cleaned our garage! I should have taken before and after pics of the garage because the transformation was AMAZING! But I forgot :-(

So here is a picture of my car all loaded up for Salvation Army. I had to go to 3 different ones UGH! I went to a drop off location by our house first but he couldn't take furniture. So I went to an actual location but they couldn't take them because they didn't think they could sell them. So I went to a 3rd one and they took them :-) YAY! It feels so good to get this stuff donated. We had a big box of blankets, 4 garbage bags of clothes, a coffee table, end table, 4 speakers, and some misc items. I was happy to finally get them out of our garage and hopefully to someone who needs them.

And then I went out to the beach in the afternoon. I never get out to the beach anymore, and I used to go all the time! So I decided to drive myself out there and enjoy the scenery and the wonderful smell of thebeach! I love driving out there with my windows down because before you can see the ocean you can smell it :-) I love it so much! Here is one of the many pictures I took!


Delightful Dwelling said...

That's weird that you had to go to 3 different places to find somewhere that would take your stuff! Those tables you have in there look nice, I can't believe they wouldn't want them!


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