September 15, 2010

Entryway Revamp!!

This week while I'm on VACATION I have a list of things I want to get done!! First on my list is getting some long over due painting done. Monday I was just going to prep and paint everything today but instead I got some painting done YAY!!

Take a look at our Entryway! I love our's nice and open and it's an actual entryway instead of just walking into the living room....but I HATE the purple color. Seriously they loved dark colors in this house. So far we've gotten rid of two rooms of dark room I am hiring a painter because the ceilings are extremely high. Back to the entryway!

Check out our new entryway table. We scored this beauty off Craiglist for only $30! It reminded me of an awesome table my Sister scored as well...this is the Mother of her table :)

One more shot of this ugly purple color, which made the entryway feel and look super closed in and small.

TA DA!! We chose a Behr Paint and Primer in One, because those paints are the best! The color is called crepe! It's awesome!

And check out our entryway table now!! It's now a beautiful crisp white!!!!! We also moved our key/mail holder above the table which makes more sense with our keys right by the door. Plus it freed up some space on our breakfast bar!

I also moved our coat holder into the area by our laundry room. It's so nice to have it away from the front door, leaving even more open space!

I am so EXCITED over our entryway...this new color is AMAZING and it really makes our entryway feel so open and I don't feel like I am walking into a cave when I come home!!

Now onto the Accent Wall in the Living room and then I'll be adding a wallpaper border to our breakfast bar area, then finishing up our dining room chairs. It's going to be a busy day but I LOVE doing this type of stuff!!


Lisa Dickinson said...

i agree - the crepe is so much better than the purple! and that table is beautiful! :)

Bella said...

Thanks Lisa!! I just love our table :)

Tracy said...

Oh yes, much better.
Your table turned out beautifully.

Bella said...

Thanks Tracy :)


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