September 22, 2010


Well Ladies and Gentlemen I finished another book last night. I am on a roll lately but I have to admit a part of me was starting to panic considering the number of books I have left and since one of those is 700 pages. And I am determined to meet my goal...what's funny is I've been contemplating rounding the number off to make it a nice even number but we shall see...

But here it is the book I finished last night: Her by Laura Zigman
If any of you recognize the name Laura Zigman it's probably because of her other book Animal Husbandry which inspired the movie Someone Like You starring Ashley Judd and the hunky Hugh Jackman...If you've seen it then you know that Laura Zigman has a different (a.k.a odd) style. Don't get me wrong I was excited to read this book but I was a little let down.

This book is literally about a women who has become OBSESSED with her Fiancee's ex fiancee, who of course happens to be a total bombshell. But this chick just goes NUTS!! Instead of acting like an adult (a woman in her 30s) she turns into her own PI and literally sabotages (Tries to) her relationship...And yes throughout her book the author uses parenthesis constantly which gets SUPER annoying...It's an odd book and I just can't get behind anyone who decides to put up with a super weird guy and his relationship with a ex fiancee and then turn into a total nut case. It also shows an extremely pathetic relationship...Overall grade a D!! I won't ever be recommending this one, even if it's a quick read!!


Anonymous said...

I read 2 books this past week. Both let downs. Night of the Living Deed and Catering to Nobody. Just kind of .... eh. No desire to read anything else by either author.


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