September 21, 2010

A Personal Connection

Yesterday I started to read this book: Diana Agafya by Jacob Emery...I'll admit from the beginning there will be some bias in this review as the author is my boyfriend's Cousin! :)

I was able to finish this book in one day because it's only about 100 pages and it was interesting so I wanted to continue...I started it on my lunch break and finished it as soon as I got home! And congrats to Jake on this one! I wasn't really sure I'd like it since it did take place in Russia and I know absolutely nothing about Russia, also because I thought for sure that I couldn't read the book without picturing and hearing Jake...and that's nothing against Jake but he's not Russian and I just didn't want to picture him in any of the characters...

Great news is that I pictured each character as themselves and Jake suprised me! He's a really intelligent person so I had no doubt that the story would have substance but I wasn't expecting to really like this tale...It's heartbreaking because I'm sure this type of stuff still goes on, it's about a girl who thinks she's going to a modeling agency in Russia but ends up getting captured to be a prostitute....Yeah I really wasn't sure I'd get into it, but I was really impressed by it and can't wait to share with Jake how much I liked his book!! For all those who wouldn't mind a short read that I promise you will get sucked in to and want to know how it ends...go purchase this one!! Congrats Jake!!



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