September 9, 2010

A Bit of Updates!

Last weekend and Monday we decided to make a few updates to the house. All minor updates but all make a huge difference to us.

I finally hung a picture in my bathroom. I had this picture up in my bathroom before and in our apartment before and just loved it! With the new color schemes I wasn't sure it would fit in, but alas it works perfectly!

Doesn't it just look great with the towels?!?!?
Another new addition was a WINE RACK!! I scored this beauty at Pier One!!
It fits perfectly on our breakfast bar and since we aren't huge wine drinkers, although I'm learning, we didn't need anything huge! I just love it...And BONUS! It matches our other furniture! Yes I am all about matching!
For awhile now we've been looking for a small fake tree to take up this open space in a corner in the living room! Sunday night we walked to Beverly's to look for glue and frames for our puzzles and scored a HUGE DEAL! They had their fake trees at 75% off! How could we pass up such a deal?!?!?

We got this beautiful fake bamboo tree, which also matches the furniture color LOL, for only $20!! Can you believe it $20!!!

Since we walked to Beverly's from the house Chuck actually decided to carry this baby home instead of me going back the next day with the car! It was quite the sight to see I'm sure, but it's so awesome and it really did finish off that space wonderfully!

Also last week while I was at Pier One, I stopped in at Michaels and picked up this adorable fall decoration! which was on sale! YAY!
And placed it on our mantle shelf :-) I was so excited to have a mantle to decorate!

With this new fall decoration I couldn't help but get out our fall decorations and I started decorating!! I'll post pictures later!

Anyone else doing any home improvements or fall decorating?


Hi I am Christy said...

Kendall, that is really a cute fall decoration and fits great on the mantle. Everything looks great!!


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