September 15, 2010

Mrs Claus Falls in Love!

Okay Miss Carly Alexander you've won me over.. You have definitely redeemed yourself with your book The Secret Life of Mrs Claus!

I just finished reading this book today and I LOVED it! It's the story of three different women and it takes place during Christmas of course!! It also takes place over three years and each year tells the story of a new woman who gets to don the Mrs Claus suit! A lot less smut in this book, although it is still there, but I was able to push past it and I can say I full enjoyed it!!

I give this an A Ms Alexander...Bravo!!


Tracy said...

I like to read Christmasy novels just before and during the holidays.

Bella said...

OMG I am a CHRISTMAS NUT!! I can watch Christmas movies all year long, same with books...It's my most favorite holiday cause of all the pretty decorations!!

Amanda said...

Hmm. Might have to add that to my list.


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