September 29, 2010


Did anyone ever see the movie Someone Like You? Well if you haven't don't rush out and rent it, but if you have then don't bother reading this next book....Animal Husbandry by Laura Zigman.

Since I was so unimpressed by her last book I read (Her) I am not super suprised that I walked away from this one with an "ehhh" feeling. I did enjoy this book more than the other one but at the same point I had images to go with characters already and I knew ahead of time that it wasn't going to be spectacular. The very best part of this book is that throughout you do learn some interesting and very random facts. Things that I can honestly say I probably would have never found out and that I never ever have thought about. But nonetheless it is now interesting to have them locked into my memory bank. One thing I really disliked about this book was it wasn't on par with the movie. I know I know I came before movie...but I like the movie version A LOT more! It just seemed more realistic and slightly less pathetic than the book. But I am happy to say I've read it and I no longer have that on my book back burner....Overal grade = C...

Good news though...I have almost completed my reading list for 2010 YAY! Next I am starting Misery Loves Cabernet and then I will either read The Gate Crasher (or should I say restart it?) or our book club book Geography of Bliss. Dare I say that I'll complete my list early? Part of me hopes so because there are some cute books I'm dying to read that are not on my 2011 list yet and then another part of me says if you finish early take a BREAK!! We will see...all I know is September is apparently my reading month...I've checked off 9 books this month!

Maybe since you all are probably tired of these boring book reviews I should spice things up in the kitchen...hmm we shall see! Happy Half Week Everyone!!


Tracy said...

I never watch the movie first. Everyone says I should watch the movie first then read the book. I like to imagine what the characters look like.
I love your book reviews.
Good for you for following through on them WOW that is a lot of books.

Bella said...

Thanks Tracy!! Sometimes I worry that people are bored with my book reviews but I am glad to hear you enjoy them!

And I try not to watch the movie first but sometimes I don't even know there is a book! LOL But I prefer to formulate my own ideas of people before they get placed wtih an actor/actress!!


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