September 3, 2010

TJ Maxx Treasures

Last weekend not only did I update some of our dining room chairs but while I was out and about I stopped by our local TJ Maxx and picked up some awesome new home items!
I just had to get this little gem :-) The new leash holder was just too perfect to pass up and it only cost $5 WOO HOO!! Isn't it so cute?

I also picked up the final two pieces for our living room accessories! YAY! We only have one piece left to complete our living room and that is for Chuck to finish the trim around the fireplace...but I did get to find the final two accesories!

This little red vase (only $5) was perfect for one of our end tables! I just took some of the extra flowers I had from the other decorations and popped them!! I just love the red, yellow, and orange with fall coming up I won't have to put them all away :-)

This last piece I did not get at TJ Maxx but I found it at JoAnn's. It's a flower pot but I wanted to add another candle to our dining room! I also bought a candle that when I first smelt it reminded me of my Grammy's house. I have no idea if it's an actual scent that she may have had in her house but it just reminded me of her old house.
Anyone else done any home updating?


Staci said...

Bummer. I hate when that happens. Hope the next book you read is a real winner!

ellen s. said...

LOVE TJ Maxx! so does my husband, LOL..we all call him a Max-a-nista :)

Bella said...

Thanks Staci...I really hope so too :-)

And Ellen I love it...Max-a-Nista is awesome :-)


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