September 15, 2010

Living Room Accent Wall is FINALLY PAINTED!!

I was so excited to get up and paint our accent wall this morning that I beat my alarm clock by an hour. I got up at 7 and went to take Buster to Camp Bow Wow for the day to keep him out of my hair and the little bugger decided he'd rather sleep in. So I went downstairs and started the prep work......

Just as a reminder here's a before picture of our living room. See how boring and bland it is...we wanted something to warm it up and we of course needed to cover up an outline from a large mirror the previous owners had put up.
And AFTER!! I am so pleased with this color. It is a Behr Paint & Primer, because they really are the best paints ever! It's called Caramel Swirl!!

I was so excited for it to dry because poor Roxy was stuck upstairs with me in the bedroom, although I did finish my book so I accompliced two things today :)  And a major plus was that we have to run our cable wire along the wall and up & over the fireplace and it stuck out like a sore thumb. With this new paint I was able to cover up the nasty blank lines and now it blends WOO HOO!!
I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. But the only problem I ran into was that the dang paint tape didn't work in one corner of the room and now I have to touch up the tan wall...see the right corner in the picture is where the mess up waas. I went out to the garage dug out the box of paints the previous owners left and of course the only paint they didn't have was the one they used downstairs. Just my luck. Fortunately I have kept every single paint card that I have ever brough home and found a perfect match! Suprise Suprise it's a Behr paint, but it's not the primer so I may have to match it even closer at Home Depot. As soon as I run to the Depot tomorrow and pick up a small container of paint the wall will be perfect!!

Anyone else love having accent walls in their homes?


Tracy said...

Your accent wall is perfect. I love Behr paint.

Lizz said...

Very pretty! Love how it sets off your fireplace surround! We have a brown accent wall in our bedroom, but it's called Brown Town and is more of a milk chocolate and then the other walls are pale tan, kinda like yours.

Wingnut said...

A perfect color for the room. It really does make for a good accent wall. Too many times I've seen people try and create accent walls and it just doesn't work. Either the choice of wall or color just doesn't pull it off. YOU did good :)

Bella said...

Thanks Everyone!! I was super happy with how it turned out cause I was worried we might have gone too dark...:) Thanks for the comments!!


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