September 26, 2010

Next Exit - Whistle Stop Cafe

Tonight I finished reading Fried Green Tomatoes by Miss Fannie Flagg. Yes it is the book that the movie Fried Green Tomatoes starring Kathy Bates and Mary Stuart Masterson. The lovely tale of a small southern town living their lives back in the 1920s and most of it revolving around the life of Idgie Threadgoode!
This book made me want to watch the movie. Don't get wrong the book was pretty decent, I'd grade it a B, but I think the movie was cuter. I think the book was "hard" to read at times. And word of advice make sure to read the dates at the beginning of each chapter because not only does it bounce from the 20s to the 80s but there are a lot of times in the storytelling where she gets to the 60s and then back to the 30s for a chapter. It's a cute story but I'd only recommend reading if you have nothing else you want to read!! However I do recommend checking out the book from your local library and copying the recipes from the back!! :)


Amanda said...

I agree! Loved the movie and decided to read the book. Had to skip some because I couldn't get through it! Still cute though. Some of what was said touched me.


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