November 7, 2010

Christmas Has Arrived!!

It's almost to my Favorite time of the year!! CHRISTMAS SEASON!! It really is the best time of the year for me. I hate the sun so any time the weather is foggy, rainy, and dark I am in my own little Heaven! That may sound weird to some people because I live in California, but I am so not a summer time person. I love when I can bundle up or wear my super cute winter clothes and be cozy and comfy!! Just thinking about it now I am getting angry that the sun is out LOL....

But yes Christmas Season is coming and coming quickly! Our local stores had a BUNCH of Christmas stuff out already. And on Halloween I decided to take a ride over to Michaels, since I hadn't been there in awhile, and I was so excited when they had pulled most of their fall/halloween stuff and made room for all things Christmas!

Check out my finds!!

This cute little basket will sit on our entryway table with mints! I love having mints by the door!

I got a light up necklace and reindeer ears to wear to work and other Holiday Functions! I CANNOT wait to share the new sweatshirt I bought. I already have 4 other ones saved! HAHA. But I am so excited to wear these to work the week of Christmas! The bells on the Reindeer ears will no doubt annoy my coworkers but I will just be spreading good cheer right? :-)

And the BEST score was these cute little hats! No they aren't for kids...well they are...they are for my two dogs Buster and Roxy!! Buster-Roo gets to be Santa Claus and Roxy is his little elf! We've already tried them on and while they don't like them I'm sure they made their Mom proud by humoring me! Buster doesn't last long before he's pawing to get it off. But Roxy goes comatose and looks so miserable that it is really funny! And she makes the cutest ELF ever!! I'll share pictures of them once Chuck and I can get them used to them enough to stay still for pictures!

Anyone else doing any Christmas shopping? We've got 90% of our shopping done for the families. I am doing a few little things for friends, still have to shop for Chuck, and then my parents. But I am very excited cause my girl friend Alycia and I are going Christmas Shopping on the 10th and I'm sure more times than that...She loves Christmas as much as me so its' nice to not feel so crazy!!


Yankee said...

hells yeah!!

i am still trying to decide what to buy everyone, lol. I am slacking this year!

Tracy said...

I am making my lists, does that count?
I am still taking down Halloween decor in my home LOL.

Staci said...

I love your basket! I'd eat of the mints myself though. :-P

Anonymous said...

I love this time of the year. The weather rocks. I too am not a summer happy person. Rainy, cloudy, cold, that's me. I've done a bit of Christmas shopping but not nearly enough.

Kelly R said...

I can't believe we are preparing for Christmas already. But you will be ready, girl. Your home will look wonderful. The baskets are very cute.

Bella said...

Tracy - that def counts! It's probably more ahead of the game than most people! And I love lists!!

Staci - thanks, its the perfect size!! I usually end up eating the mints haha. I LOVE anything minty and it's right at the door as I am leaving, so hard to resist!

Amanda - I am so glad someone finally can understand my love for "crappy weather"! Being in Cali almost everyone I know can't wait for summer!

Kelly - Thanks :) I am so READY already HAHA! I just love this time of year but I hate the stress that can come with it! Thanks for dropping a link to your blog! I love checking out new blogs!


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