November 19, 2010

Could It Be Any Better?

Well I've done it again! I've tried another Mexican food spinoff recipe and this one is WORTH IT! The recipe is for a Beefy Taco Skillet.

All you need is some milk, lettuce, chili (spicy or regular), Crunchy Taco Hamber Helper Mix, water, and 1lb ground beef!

First you will need to brown your beef then drain. While you are browning your beef make sure to heat up 3 cups of water! After you've got your hot water and your beef then combine those plus the sauce mix from the Helper and the chili in a skillet. Heat to a boil!

While that's heating up to a boiling point you will want to combine the topping mix from the Helper and some milk (1/3 a cup to be exact). Whisk together than set aside.

Once your meat mixture comes to a boil add in the rice from Helper. Then let simmer for 25 minutes.

Next step - plate your dish. This makes 5 servings so just guesstimate how much a serving is. You actually get quite A LOT per serving.  Throw it on a plate.

Top with some lettuce then the cheesey milk sauce, some chips from the Helper mix, and if you want some sour cream. And enjoy!

This was super EASY and so good! If I had wanted to be a little piggy I could have easily had another helping but I restrained myself and was looking forward to leftovers for lunch! You must try this recipe! It's so good and with the lettuce it tastes more refreshing than you'd think! I LOVE it!


Tracy said...

I don't like chili, well I dont' like the beans, but this looks so good. I am starving right now.

Stephanie said...

That looks delicious!!


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