November 15, 2010

Warms You to the Core

Last weekend Hallmark had their Open House and I went to get a new ornament for Chuck and a recordable Christmas story book but I also got a little container of Aspen Mulling Spices! Yum right? Throughout my shopping travels that day I made sure to pick up some Apple Cider because how could I not take advantage of this new score?

That Sunday I was so excited to 1. drink some spiced cider and 2. fill my house with the wonderful aroma!
As soon as Chuck got home I pounced..."Honey want some cider?" He of course said Yes!! So I determined how much spice I'd need for just enough cider for us!

Then poured some cider, added the spices, turned the heat and waited impatiently for it to warm up and for the amazing smell waft throughout my house!

Check out that steam!!!

Poured us 2 glasses of cider and enjoyed our first of many!!

Not only did we drink these two cups but we heated up the cider again later after dinner and enjoyed some more! If you can get your hands on the Aspen Mulling Spices buy them immediatly. Sure I could probably just put the spices together myself but this is easier! Thanks Hallmark for placing that right by the checkout line for me to see!!


Steph said...

I love warm apple cider but have never tried making it. Might have to now.

Deborah said...

Hmm that looks good!

Lisa said...

love the apple cider smell.

Jenny Mick said...

Yummmm!!! I know what I have to pick up when I go out to run errands tomorrow!!
-Jenapea (2peas)

Scrappy-ness said...

Yum! I love Cider.

ellen s. said...

oh does that look Delicious!

Tracy said...

I love the taste, but there is a spice in it that makes me get dizzy. Weird eh.

Bella said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone!! :)


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