November 13, 2010

More Holiday Suprises!!

Another bundle of Christmas Joy arrived at our doorstep! I have been impatiently waiting for these items....

What might be in these packages?

Why the best things ever!!! I ordered these two awesome DVDs, well I'm sure they will be awesome!! Chuck and I were supposed to be going to see the Rockettes Live in the flesh but unfortunately with his job they are a pain in the butt with taking time off and we won't be able to, so I did the next best thing. I ordered a DVD of their performances and this one I watched on TV so I know it's going to be GREAT!!

The other DVD I got was one about Christmas in New York. Never having been to the Big Apple ( I am dying to go) you might find it odd that I feel this deep connection with NYC. I just think it's the most wonderful place ever! I'm sure some New Yorkers might disagree but until I've seen the bad parts for myself I will always have a LOVE for it! So I was really excited there was a DVD about Christmas in New York. I also love any DVDs or TV Shows where they play Christmas Music with a flurry of Snowy Scenes. We don't get snow and another thing that I love with all my heart but have never lived in it.

Then the very best thing ever!! An AWESOME Holiday Sweatshirt! I was so stoked to find a BUNCH of holiday sweatshirts on that I saved probably 10 others but I couldn't wait to order this one! How freakin cute is this?

I immediatly put it on!! Ladies and Gentlemen this Holiday Nut is ready to shop!!

I am of course almost done with all my christmas shopping, but I still plan on wearing this once Dec 1st hits! Heck I may even wear it the day after Thanksgiving as we decorate our condo! All I can say is that this Christmas Lover couldn't be happier right now....unless of course it snowed and I was sitting in a super classy high rise apartment with an amazing view in New York City... :-)


Yankee said...

SOOO cute! love the sweatshirt :o)

Tracy said...

Have fun with your goodies, oh wait it looks like you already are.
We got snow today, even though it was a little late for us, I am still not ready for it.


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