November 5, 2010

Kendall Got a Kindle!

As you all know I'm a huge reader. I love books. Part of what I love about books is the smell, turning the page, the different shapes and sizes, the joy of going to the library to pick up a book you've been patiently waiting for...

I thought all of that was SUPER important to me until I got this......

A pink case? No No No....the amazing KINDLE!!

I had been researching for months and months. Creating a Pro's and Con's list, talking it out with coworkers, with Chuck (who by the way said to me..."I don't understand..did you want me to talk you into buying it or out of buying?") and then I did what anyone in my generation would think to do...I consulted my facebook friends! No joke I literally went on and updated my status asking for opinions! And I am so happy that I decided to purchase it!

Look at it!! It's so pretty! And I've already got 4 different folders to keep myself for my 2010 Book List, Book Club, 2011 Book List, and then a MISC folder for the dictionary and guide it comes with!

Reading on this is just like looking at a book! I am super impressed by the screen and that I really feel like I'm staring at a book and not an electronic screen!

I am so in love and here's why:
1. Super light. With my carpal tunnel books tend to cause me pain and I hate always wearing my braces so I was ecstatic that this is so light and I am not using both wrists at the same time and to be honest when I read I tend to contort my hands in ways they shouldn't. This makes me hold it normally YAY!
2. Looks just like a book page.
3. Can download a book within 60 seconds! That's right WITHIN 60 FREAKIN SECONDS!
4. Fits so nicely in my purse
5. Not HEAVY - Did I mention this already? Here's another benefit to it's doesn't weight down my purse! It's not bulky so it and its case slide right into my purse, no removing important items in order to fit a book in there.
6. I got to buy a super awesome Pink and Green case
7. I can read more than one book now if I want to without havng to lug out more than one book. I love that right now I have about 10 books on this thing adn I could be reading them all at once if I wanted to. Not my style but sometimes it'd be nice to have both my book club book and another book on hand. NOW I CAN!!
8. No more clutter at my house with books stacked everywhere.
9. No more paying for shipping and buying used books!
10. No more WAITING on books to come in on the library and then paying the late fee because I've checked too many out!!

I highly recommend the Kindle for all you avid readers...


Mary Pat Siehl said...

glad you are happy with you kindle! the ereaders are so nice! i have had my nook for quite some time now and just love it. i went with the nook because i can get free 'current" bestsellers from the library! thanks for sharing your review!

Connie said...

loved your blog!!!

Tracy said...

humm these sound interesting.
I am an avid reader. I have a passion for books, just look at my many book cases. I collect hardcover books that I love.
But I love to read in the tub, and sometimes candle light just doesn't cut it, ya my eyes are getting a bit old.
I may have to look into this.

Christine said...

I probably have the same pro/con list for getting a kindle. I am still undecided but YAY!! I am glad you love it!!

Yankee said...

yay! glad you like it :o)

Bella said...

Thank you everyone for all the comments...

Traci - Just as an FYI with the lighting the Kindle doesn't actually light up. You would still need good lighting or a booklight! I actually like that it doesn't light up cause then it doesn't look like a computer screen!

Christine - You should definitely. So far all of my cons are diminished by all the pro's of the Kindle. It really is a great buy!

Kat Marie said...

yay for your kindle! i love books too!


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