November 3, 2010

Happy Belated Halloween!!!

I hope everyone had an awesome halloween!! Our was pretty low key but I did make some festive Halloween cupcakes!

Originally I was making these for our Halloween Potluck at one of my offices but then last minute they had to change the date and I was at my other office that day :-(

But Saturday Chuck, his Sister, and I were going to hang out and watch the game so I whipped these up real quick saturday afternoon! As I was innocently decorating them in Halloween colors I realized I was also decorating them in the SF Giants colors! Being as we live in the Bay Area and Chuck's family are huge San Francisco team fans I knew he'd be happy. Me on the other hand, the A's fan and hater of Giants, not so happy! I considered removing the frosting and using a different color but hey it was Halloween!

I picked up the cute papers and toppers at Target! I just love the little mummy guy!

On actual Halloween we just had another low key night. When we first moved into our Condo we were so excited hoping to have trick or treaters that the first year we bought a HUGE bag of Candy and we got ZERO trick or treaters! Last year we didn't buy any candy and had 2 kids show up at the door. So this year I figured why not be prepared and I bought 2 six packs of the mini Snickers and mini Reese's. I figured if we get Trick or Treaters that'd be plenty and if not it wasn't too much crap leftover. Well we had one group come and CLEAN US OUT!! I was really excited but then felt bad turning the light off, especially when another group came around and we had to ignore them :-(

Did anyone do anything fun for Halloween?


Mary Pat Siehl said...

your cupcakes are way too cute. love the toppers!

Bella said...

Thank YOU!!

Mary said...

Mmmmmmmm those look yummers!! Sorry bout the TOT's we didn;t have any more candy for me hahahaha.

Hi I am Christy said...

Hey Kendall those are really cute cupcakes. I didn't realize thats what you were making when I was at your house.

Bella said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!!


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