November 28, 2010

Peanut Buttery Greatness!

Boy has it really been a week since my last blog post? I definitely dropped the ball!! Well hang on tight folks because I've got a bunch of new posts coming your way this week!! And be prepared to drool because 90% of them are food related WOO HOO!!

Let's start with some Choco Peanut Butter Bars!! I made these a week or so ago to take with me to my girlfriend Alycia's house as we were picking out cookies for our Baking Day that will be happening December 12th!!

These were SO EASY!!! I got them out of one of those little books you find at the checkout line at the grocery store!! These are super simple to, you just need: Baking soda, Flour, Brown sugar, butter, quick cooking oats, salt, egg, peanut butter, vanilla, and some chocolate chips!!

First things first lets melt the chocolate!! I just popped these into my microwave and melted away,

Next combine the butter, brown sugar, and peanut butter in a mixing bowl!

Add in a little vanilla and the egg.

Once you've mixed together the vanilla and egg you will want to set that aside and pull out another mixing bowl. Combine your baking soda, salt, and flour.

Then mix both together!

Once those are mixed together add in the quick cooking oats!

Now this is where I screwed up! You are supposed to only put 3/4 of the batter in the bottom of your 13 x 9 inch pan and set aside the other 1/4. Unfortunately I totally blew it and put the whole thing in the pan. I also didn't catch this mistake until after the next step...

Take your melted chocolate and spread over the bottom layer. Now after I spread the chocolate and got to the next step I realized my mistake! So I had to remove part of the chocolate and remove some batter. Did I remove the whole 1/4?? No no no, it would have been such a mess so I just took a few round balls of dough and then....

Dropped them throughout the mixture!!

Pop this baby into the oven and wait for the amazing smell of peanut butter to fill your home!! Sometimes I wish we owned a big house instead of our condo but the minute I bake something and you can smell it throughout the enitre place I am so thankful!!

Next let cool, then cut into squares. The only paper plates I had on hand were our halloween plates but I loaded it up anyways!!

I love the chocolate swirled throughout the top and the middle!!

These are amazing and I highly recommend them!! If you love peanut butter and chocolate get to baking!!
Now I couldn't find the recipe from Jif Peanut Butter but I did find it on this website!!


Staci said...

Those look absolutely delicious!

Anonymous said...

Yum. I'm coming to your casa for the holidays.

Tracy said...

ohh yummy. I think I have all the ingredients at hand ;)

I like the your idea of getting together with a friend and having a baking day.
I make turtles with my hubby's cousin every year. I think I need a baking day too.

Bella said...

Thank you!!

Red Panda - come on over we always have plenty of food LOL!!

Tracy - Just saw your Turtle's post and those look so yummy!! You should do a baking day! It's tiring but it's so much fun! Plus it's another reason to spend a day with family!


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