November 11, 2010

Poor Puppies

It's no secret to those who know me how much I LOVE my pets! They are my kids and they are just so darn cute! There are moments that they will prove to me how much they love me. No it's not through kisses or cuddling... It's through clothes!

The other day Chuck brought hom a little A's helmet (and a Texas one for my Sister) from Baskin Robbins! What was my first reaction?? It's the perfect fit for Roxy!!!! The poor little thing was subjected to this             ------->

Doesn't that face just scream love?? Haha okay maybe not but she amused me long enough to take a couple pictures and I think she looks so CUTE!!

Not only do I put little hats on Roxy but Buster gets some extra love too! The great thing about Buster is he really does get excited when I pull out his t-shirts to put them on. No joke, this dog LOVES his shirts! Unfortunately his trusty green shirt has run its course. While I was out shopping yesterday I picked up a new collared shirt for him from Old Navy!!

Isn't my big boy cute??

A better shot of the shirt. Chuck hates the shirt, says it makes him look girly but I just love it. And this is our dog  who would play fetch until your arm literally fell off, and on this awesome shirt there is a patch that say All Star Ball Chaser!! I love it and so does Buster!

Poor Chuck wanted a "manly" dog and I've turned him into my own little dress up doll! It just figures that Buster the 50lb male dog would be the one to LOVE wearing clothes, while my little 20lb Princess Dog Roxy absolutely HATES the clothes. She always trys to take them off, especially the little sweaters I buy her for winter time!

Anyone else love "torturing" their puppies with cute outfits?


Anonymous said...

We do the same thing to our cats! Years and years ago we got some of those helmets (you had to luck out to get the one you wanted w/ the ice cream) and would put them on the cats. Today I bought an elf outfit for my cat for xmas. Each year they get dressed as santa and mrs clause. lol. Cracks us up EVERY time.

Tracy said...

Just tell your hubby that Buster is in touch with his feminine side.

Yankee said...

i've had twix less than a week and i was already eyeing a bowtie xmas collar for him :op

Mary said...!! I don't have pets..but yours is so adorable!!

Bella said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!!

I am SO happy we aren't the only ones that do this! They just look so darn cute all dolled up that it's hard to resist!!


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