November 10, 2010

The Given Snooze!

Monday night I was able to sit down and finish reading our book club book for this month, which was The Given Day by Dennis Lehane. Considering this book is 700 pages long I was shocked to finish it so early but I have to say reading it on the Kindle is amazing. The book didn't seem like it was that long. Maybe it's because you aren't holding a bulky book or maybe it's because you don't know what page number you are while reading on the kindle, but I love it! I will say though the Kindle does tell you what percentage through the book you are and I think that's much better than the page numbers. But onto the book.....

I shouldn't be so harsh as my title says but this book was a bleh book. I am indifferent. I enjoyed it but I can't say that I loved it or that I'd be interested in reading it again. There was no high moments and no low moments. I never once got excited or to a point where I couldn't put it down. The book takes place back in 1900s and its about the lives of 3 people coming together. It really is only about 2 lives but there is a third thrown in there, the third being Babe Ruth, yes the famous baseball player.

But the story is essentially two lives leading up to, during, and briefly after the strike of the Boston Police Department. If you are into history then please dive into this book, but for those who like novels with a little more excitement steer clear. I liked the writing style and have actually added a couple books by Dennis Lehane to my 2011 book list (yes I'll be sharing that soon and it is quite long) but I just couldn't really get into this book.

Overall grade is a B-. As much as I wasn't totally into I did really enjoy the one character Luther and his journey throughout the book. Don't let me down Dennis Lehane with my books for next year!

I've started and am 27% of the way through my next book. It's the Gate Crasher by Madeleine Wickham, A.K.A. Sophie Kinsella. It's a book I actually started months ago, could not get into but was determined to finished. So I restarted it and am actually enjoying it this go around. Maybe it's cause The Given Day was somewhat heavy and this is total fluff, who knows, but hopefully I'll have more favorable book review for you soon!


Anonymous said...

do you have a profile on you should. You can leave book reviews there too.

Tracy said...

Wow I am not only impressed that you have a list of books you want to read, but that you are almost finished them. I have so many I want to read, then someone lends me a book. So I want to finish that one so I can return it to them quickly.
Winter is coming, which means less reading for me:(

Marcie said...

I read ALL the time & am so wanting a kindle!

Bella said...

Amanda - I do have a GoodReads account, I started one when I wanted to join a book club and we had none around here. But I haven't logged in forever. I should do that! Thanks for the remidner!

Tracy - Thanks. I was a little worried I wasn't going to make it but I'm pretty confident now! It's been fun and I am excited to challenge myself next year! When someone recommends a book I just add it to my list for next year. I'ts been hard though cause my Mom talks about all these awesome books and I've been waiting months and months to read them LOL

Marcie - DO IT! You should get a Kindle if you can. It really is AMAZING!!

Anonymous said...

if you do start using goodreads again, add me!



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