November 14, 2010

The Funeral Crasher

Can you believe I've finished yet another book?? I can hardly believe it myself and then when I look at my 2010 book list and I see 2 books left I feel like it's all a lie. I am so excited that I've almost reached my goal and I am sure that I will :) It's one New Years Resolution I have kept YAY!!

But back to the reason for this post. This morning I finished reading The Gatecrasher by Madeleine Wickham (A.K.A Sophie Kinsella)

This book is essentially about a money hungry biotch! Sorry for my bluntness but there is no other way for me to decide the main character Fleur! And what kind of a name is that? I'm sure it's a beautiful name to some but for me I have no idea how to pronounce it properly. It wasn't the only name that I had trouble with. How in the heck do you prounce Xanthe??? While this Xanthe character is mentioned once or twice it really bothered me. The names in this book were quite annoying to me.

Essentially this woman Fleur (main character) is a disgusting person who preys on rich man on the day of the funeral/memorial for their deceased spouse. SICK!! I mean all I could think of was Will Ferrel's character in the Wedding Crashers! Yes I know that was a joke and this kind of stuff might really happen but I am just disgusted by this person. Thank god she's not a real person I know otherwise I'd have to slap her silly and tell her to get a job and support herself and her daughter who she drags through this scam of hers!

Other than disliking the main character and of course the other villian in the book I hate to admit I enjoyed it. I have a strong suspicion I enjoyed it because after reading The Given Day I was ready for some light reading. I am a little discouraged by Madeleine Wickham's novels because they just don't live up to the writing she does as Sophie Kinsella and honestly while I enjoy those books they aren't masterful! She should stick to her Kinsella writing, but that doesn't mean another Shopaholic Book. Overall grade = B-. While I enjoyed it I don't think I would have if I hadn't just finished such a heavy book.

I am very excited for the next book that I'm going to read but I must take a break. Not because I am tired of reading but because I am taking my PHR (Professional Human Resource) exam in a couple weeks and I NEED to study!! It will be weird to not have a novel to read for the next couple weeks and honestly I'm not sure that I can NOT read, but I am going to give it my best shot and put all my reading time into Study time!! Then it will be onto "Water For Elephants" and "The Eggnog Chronicles"


Tracy said...

I have read the Shopaholics series, yes a light read, but entertaining.
My GF just lent me the series by Nora Roberts called the Bride quartet. I so can't get into it. I knew I wouldn't because I don't really care for her perfectly rich characters. I think I will just give it back.

Anonymous said...

Tracy--I love the Bride ones. lol

I have some of Madeleine's books in my wishlist but I haven't heard of this one.

Pam said...

I loved the "Shopaholic" books but haven't read any of the Madeleine Wickham books yet. I LOVED "Water for Elephants". One of my favorite books. Good luck on your exam!

Stephanie said...

I went through a phase back in April and read 15 books in two months!! I love to read!
Good luck on your test!!


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