November 29, 2010

Holiday Overflow

Another shopping trip another massive amount of Holiday Cheer! On top of the previous items that I bought I went shopping with my girlfriend Alycia and picked up a bunch of new stuff along with another shopping trip on my lunch break one day!!! I think I may have everything I need now as far as Holiday Decorating goes!!

Check out our dining room table after my shopping sprees!!

I found some awesome items though. And I was so excited cause Alycia does not have a Wreath for their home and I just LOVE to create beautiful Christmas wreaths!! So I picked up all the items I needed to get started on that!!

Check out this awesome platter. It's deep enough and big enough to carry a massive amount of cookies, which trust me I will need it after my TWO baking days!! Oh yes thats right TWO Baking Days!! I have my first one this coming weekend at my Mom's with her and my Sister, then on December 12th I have a baking day with Alycia!

And check out these adorable kitchen towels. I found them at Kohls and just had to buy them for my Grammy!! Even better my Mom got to give them to her for me when they came down!! Unfortunately I was at work so I couldn't give them to her but I know my Grammy loved them!!

Another cookie platter! This one will be used to bring cookies into work!

 A few items to decorate and also the Wreath and the items to decorate it!!

Check out this awesome little dress I bought for Roxy to wear :) She is going to HATE it but I thought it was too cute. I was bummed because they had an awesome Holiday Sweater that I would have loved to gotten for Buster but they didn't have his I am still on the hunt for a holiday sweater for him!

This of course is not holiday but it was 70% off how could I resist?? Because my scrapbook room is filled to the brim with holiday items I haven't been able to hang it but I am hoping to clear that room out soon!

And in order to get these items all the way upstairs I had to load up our biggest laundry basket!! Thank goodness for that so that I didn't have to do a million trips! Although looking back it might have been good to get in some household excercising with all the holiday goodies I will be consuming shortly!!

And last but definitely not least!!! I picked up two new pairs of shoes!! Payless had their awesome Bogo going on and I needed a new pair of tennis shoes and some cute colorful flats  to go with a black dress I had bought!! And boy did I find some great shoes!!

The tennis shoes are AMAZING!! They are so comfy and apparently they look similar to a new style of tennis shoes that are becoming popular! And the flats were a success!! They were the perfect accent to go with my dress for the party!!

Anyone else been doing any massive amounts of Holiday Shopping?? I'm sure with Black Friday having been last week some of you shopped til you dropped!! :-)


Tracy said...

Wow you went to town, teehee.
What fun stuff you got. Looking forward to seeing your finished wreath.
Those shoes are so cute.

Yankee said...

I somehow got behind :o(

I still need to get Mrs. A, Mr. A, hubs, mom, john and twix! I don't know how it happened :o(

Bella said...

Tracy - I did! I was a little shocked when I laid it all out LOL!! But so worth it :)


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