December 1, 2010

Yummy in the Tummy!!

Well I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving and got to spend time with family. I also hope you got to EAT A LOT!! I know we did. On actual Thanksgiving we got to spend time my family and enjoy a great homecooked meal by my Mom. But because my Mom cooks up on actual Turkey Day we celebrate again on Black Friday! I just love to cook so I can't pass up a free day to cook a HUGE meal!

First things first was the Breakfast Casserole!! I was so excited to put together a breakfast casserole for us to eat because normally it's cereal or toast and since we don't have weekends together anymore we never make big breakfasts!

This casserole is so easy and all you need is: Frozen hash browns, cheddar cheese, milk, eggs, sal and pepper, and then either bacon or breakfast sausage We chose Italian Sausage!

You will need to prepare this night before and let it refrigerate over night. So what was the first thing I did Thursday when I got home (before I headed out shopping)?? Well I got the pumpkin pie in the oven of course :) But then I started in on my breakfast creation!

Combine the eggs, milk and salt and pepper in a separate bowl. Then mix well.

Brown your sausage and then drain!

Layer 4 hash brown patties in an 8x8 pan.

Top with your browned (and drained) sausage (or bacon).

Pour your egg mixture over the top. Then cover and put in your fridge overnight.

In the morning preheat your oven (I'll have to get the temperature for you but I am pretty sure it was 350 degrees). Top your casserole with cheese and pop in the oven for about 45 minutes.

Yum!! Doesn't that look so good! I love when the cheese gets brown and really melts into the food.

Then serve up and enjoy!

Aside from Chuck thinking there was too much cheese we both really enjoyed it. Chuck's pretty picky about his breakfast food so I'm not sure how much he really liked it and how much he was humoring me because I LOVED IT! I couldn't definitely go for this on special occasions or maybe even on a morning where we are just laying around and reading the paper. Not that we ever have that anymore but hey in the future we might :)

I give this recipe 2 big thumbs up and I highly recommend it to breakfast lovers!! Does anyone else make any special breakfast items for holidays?

Here's a link to the recipe!



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