December 8, 2010

Christmas is Officially Here!!

That's right ladies and gents Christmas has officially arrived at our home!! I was so excited that this year Chuck had the day after Thanksgiving off because that meant we were able to get our tree even earlier! YAY!! The following Sunday we decorated the house and the tree and now our home looks AMAZING! I just love Christmas decorations, I think they can make anything beautiful!

I of course want to share with everyone our awesome decorations so where do I start first?? The tree of course!! This years is a little smaller than last years but Chuck and I both agree it's the perfect size for our place. I would love to have a HUGE tree but unfortunately we don't have the space in the condo for one that size so I guess I'll just be patient until we can buy a bigger place. On my list of requirements will of course be a big window to put the tree in front of and high ceilings so I can get a super tall tree :) But for now here is our gorgeous tree for 2010.

And all lit up! I have been experimenting with my settings on my camera and I thought this shot turned out great. Unfortunately I can't remember what setting it is haha.

Me in my new PJ's from Santa Claus. Each year Santa visits on our Tree Trimming night to bring us new PJ's...the pants are candy canes and then shirt of course has Santa on it :) I also got super cute socks with Reindeer heads on the top but the dogs have already killed one reindeer :-( They are still comfy and warm though!

Here is our mantle. I just completed it the other night because I was waiting on our new stocking holders. I'll have to take another picture with those added and share but for now. We decided to try more themes this year throughout the house and I just love my snowman guys so they took center stage on the mantle. Along with some awesome snowflake tea light holders my Mom bought me. They work perfect with my snowman!

Our "kids" stockings are hung up too!! Each year we buy them a bunch of toys and fill their stockings!!

And my snowglobe collection. Each year Chuck has bought me a snowglobe and I was so excited to display them all together this year! Love our TV stand and its decorating abilities :-)

And here is my new snowglobe!! Isn't he just awesome! He's the biggest one I have yet and told Chuck he's gotta scale down a bit otherwise I will run out of room, but I just LOVE this guy! I love Santa and did not have one where he's the main guy. And this one is just too cute!

Our dining room wall was dedicated to Rudolph Characters!

Chuck's stepmom has bought him these little guys for a few years now and they just fit so perfectly in our shelves!

Last year Chuck bought me Rudolph and it worked since it completed the set. And he lights up and plays Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer so it's even more FUN!!

And our bookcase. We'd love to find another tree candle like that but unfortunately I bought it YEARS ago and can't remember where I picked it up. I found some on ebay but they are smaller versions. But it actually works out great because the little Snowman candle holder is something my Mom bought me and he looks perfect there. With a pine cone candle added the tree and him work great!! And then we got the darling christmas "plaque" from Chuck's Aunt & Uncle. It is a really pretty piece and we wanted to showcase it this year!

And next up is my favorite part (aside from the tree of course). The entryway has been my favorite part of the house since I repainted (well 2nd favorite since nothing gets better than my scrapbook room lol) but we decided to make our entryway table SANTA THEMED!!! We had all the perfect accessories too!

I picked up the Santa Picture from Target one year in their After Christmas Sales, the tea light holder I'm pretty sure my Mom got me, although maybe Chuck bought it for me, I can't remember all I know is that it was given to me by one of them :). Then the little Santa doll I've had for years now and the candy dish I picked up for a buck at the dollar store. My original candy basket got taken to work since it just didn't go well with our home decorations. But isn't this darling? I just love it!

And of course I added some christmas to our downstairs bathroom. Two of my snowglobes that started it all now reside in there.

And of course some cute stockings got hung!

And my favorite Salt & Pepper shakers!! Yes they are salt & pepper shakes but I use them for decoration cause how much cuter can those get?

Then we added just a few items to the kitchen. I didn't get a picture of the baker nutcracker that is by the coffee pot but trust me he's cute! Then the Minnie lights up, moves, and plays music. She came from Chuck's Grandma's (who passed away last year) house so it's nice to have a little piece of her with us. She loved Mickey and Minnie! And then we had one remaining stocking and it fit perfectly on our kitchen wall. 

I picked up another set of bells (or one bell in this case) for our front door. We needed a new one since our old one has almost kicked the bucket.

And last but not least OUR CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN! Now I know it's no longer 26 days until Christmas but at the time we decorated it was!! I love this countdown! I am not sure where I picked it up but it is perfect for the spot we have right by the door! A reminder to Chuck to get his shopping done LOL And also something I get to be excited about every day when I count it down!

I think we are officially done decorating now. Chuck put up the lights outside the other night and thanks to my girlfriend Alycia for her brilliant suggestion of getting a timer for the lights. We no longer have to turn them on and off, not sure why we never thought to get a timer before LOL.

Who else is all set for Christmas? I am hopefully finishing up my shopping soon. The only one left to finish is Chuck and I've got a pretty good game plan for him! I just can't wait to get all the gifts wrapped and under the tree!!


ellen s. said...

fabulous! i love love the rudolph guys!!!

Shell said...

You have done well with your decorating - I have been doing ours over the last couple of days - need to take some pics now

Love your jammies - where did you get them??

Bella said...

Thank YOU!!!

Shell - I got them at Old Navy. They have some super cute Holiday pajama bottoms!

Tracy said...

Your Christmas decor is awesome. Love that picture frame with Santa on it.
I too collect snowglobes.

I don't decorate until 12 days before Christmas.

Connie said...

adorable decorations!!!

Tammy said...

Oh, your house looks so festive! I love the snow globe collection. :)

Yankee said...

LOVE that i was able to help you guys out with christmas decorating!

i am SO excited about this weekend. BRING IT OUT BUTTER! :o)

love your decorations- we're minimal this year because of mr. twix. he loves the tree way too much for me to risk too much decor. maybe next year :o)

Yankee said...

... totally meant bring it ON butter. I guess excitement got the better of me! hahaha.


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